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Aqua Bomb Mist
Aqua Bomb Mist
Aqua Bomb Mist
Product Description

An ultra-fine, soft, and lightweight mist formulated with Aqua Bomb’s lady’s mantle extract and star weed to hydrate skin for a healthy glow without smudging makeup.

This mist spray nozzle and formula are unique because the particles of this spray are smaller than water particles, making it ultra-lightweight and soft. The lightweight mist contains the Aqua Bomb's lady's mantle extract for a burst of hydration and star weed extract for a healthy glow. Not only does the mist balance the skin's oil and water levels (pH-balancing), but the mist container disperses long, ultra-fine mist with a single spray, allowing users to hydrate and add glow to skin without smudging makeup. Add a natural-looking radiance to your skin with the Aqua Bomb Mist.

In a 14-day consumer test:
- 100% of people felt their skin felt moisturized after spraying
- 97.1% of people felt the mist sprayed evenly
- 100% of people said it did not irritate the skin
- 97.1% felt that it added vitality to their skin


How to use:
Whenever skin feels dry, lightly mist over the entire face at an arm's length away with eyes closed. 

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3 x 60ml