Age Knockdown

Youth Creator - Age Knockdown Bomb
Youth Creator - Age Knockdown Bomb
Youth Creator - Age Knockdown Bomb
Product Code : 52101203
Product Description

Pre-Step to fight against aging!

Anti-aging water essence that enhances skin’s basic strength to protect it from the attack of aging factors for a strong, radiant, healthy skin base.

Key Benefits:
1. Firm skin barrier care
Water serum that creates healthy skin with its elasticity & moisturizing care for firm skin barrier, the key to skin’s basic

2. Clear and revitalized skin
Water serum that clarifies and revitalizes skin with its amino acid L serine that clears skin tone and evens out skin texture

3. Anti oxidant & cell activation
Essence that activates skin cell and has anti oxidant effect to protect skin from external stressors


How to use:
1. Use as a ‘pre essence’ step
2. Use as a layering watery essence to moisturize dry, rough skin condition. For extra moisturizing care, dampen cotton pad and place it on dry areas for 5~10 minutes
3. Use to even out skin texture and to gently care of dead skin cells using a cotton pad. Wipe along the skin texture
4. Pair it with Age Knockdown Bomb that deliver concentrated care, provides deeply absorbs into the skin and deliver quicker result in skin improvement!


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