Volume: 30ml
The True Facial Oil
Product Description

This hydrating facial oil is a new concept for skin care as it lightly and quickly absorbs into the skin, supplying nutrients at the same time. Pomegranate oil rich in vitamins in this oil keeps the skin healthy, giving a moisturized and radiant skin texture.

It is also formulated with three herbal and four essential oils, blended by Napiers' traditional method that has been handed down for 150 years. It provides nutrients to the skin, brightens a tired, dull, and uneven skin, while preventing skin dehydration.

No Addition of

Mineral oil, Synthetic fragrance, Synthetic dyes, Synthetic preservatives, Animal-origin ingredients.

To Use

After cleansing, use it as the next step of toning. Dispense a sufficient amount on the palm and gently apply pressure with the palms, wrapping and patting the face with both hands for better absorption. It can also be mixed with a few drops with essence or cream.

Herbal Ingredients
Pomegranate Oil
Napiers original formula #2
A formula composed of a variety of herb oil which gave soft, clean and healthy skin