Volume: 100ml
Herbal soothing mist orange
Product Description

Herbal soothing mist orange is a unique mist with double layers: the 100% natural oil composed of lavender, camomile, roseberry and tea tree oil, and the moisturizing layer containing noni growing in the South Pacific anrchipelago of Polynesia and Hawaii.

The mist is surfactant free and free from bubbles when shaken. Despite milky appearance, the mist has excellent hydrating and soothing effects.

For belif, the beauty of customers comes first than the beauty of product.

No Addition of

No mineral oil, no synthetic fragrances, no synthetic colors, no synthetic preservatives, no animal-derived ingredients

To Use

Shake the bottle thoroughly before use to mix the two layers. Close your eyes and spray it three to four times about 20cm away from your face. Use it regularly to have soothing and hydrating effects. The fine particles do not smudge your makeup.

Herbal Ingredients
Napiers original formula #2
A formula composed of a variety of herb oil which gave soft, clean and healthy skin