Volume: 100ml
Glazing water mist purple
Product Description

An illuminating hydration mist for smooth and shining skin including 10% of Harrogate Water, an English original mineral water, full of oxygen and minerals. Also, an ice plant filled with crystal shaped bubbles help maintain moisture and illumination.

No Addition of

Mineral oils, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, synthetic preservatives, animal origin ingredients.

To Use

Fully shake before application. Spray 3~4 times with eyes closed, about 20cm away from the face. For a dramatic illumination, spray at closer distance. For natural illumination, spray at further distance than 30cm.

Herbal Ingredients
Ice Plant
Napiers Original Formula
Belif's key formula that keeps the skin healthy and delays the initial stage of skin aging with its antioxidizing, claming, and anti-blemish properties.
Napiers Moisture Formula
Moisture formula that hydrates the skin while controlling and absorbing oil where needed, optimizing the skin's water-oil balance.