Volume: 50ml
Aqua gel oil
Product Description

A moisture concentrated refreshing gel turns into a light moisture oil, delivering soft and moist hydration. Oil extracts from Passiflora seed, full of moisture and oil, allows for soft and moist skin without greasiness.

No Addition of

Mineral oils, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, synthetic preservatives, animal origin ingredients.

To Use

Gently apply 2~3 pumps to a toned face. For natural makeup free from rough skin surface and dead skin cells, apply a small amount as the last step in skin care, to balance it before makeup.

Herbal Ingredients
Passiflora caerulea
Napiers Original Formula
Belif's key formula that keeps the skin healthy and delays the initial stage of skin aging with its antioxidizing, claming, and anti-blemish properties.
Napiers Moisture Formula
Moisture formula that hydrates the skin while controlling and absorbing oil where needed, optimizing the skin's water-oil balance.
Napiers Aqua Formula
A moisture care formula that calms the skin by supplying moisture and minerals, and improves elasticity.