belif Story

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about belif

You are about to meet the
most truthful cosmetic
brand that is formulated
with superior ingredients
and efficacy in the safest
and most honest way
possible. Its name is belif.

belif is the most truthful and sincere cosmetic brand that you have ever come across. It leverages the knowledge and traditional herbal processing method passed down from a British herbalist since since 1860 to create a cosmetic line formulated with superb ingredients and efficacy for the skin.

belif is a true herbal cosmetic brand completed by marrying the traditional approach of treating the body and mind to maintain the skin's ideal condition using natural herbs with belif's proprietary safe and innovative extracting method!

belif delivers remarkable value to the skin by applying rich tradition and in-depth knowledge of natural ingredients.

belif presents a level of honesty unrivalled by any brand with its inmitable tradition and reliable science. A name committed to delivering true value to customers - belif!

belif heritage

belif's unchangeable values
- belif inherits 150 years
history of Napiers

belif carries on the professional herbal knowledge and philosophy of Duncan Napier, an herbalist in Edinburgh, Scotland, who opened his first herbal shop and clinic in 1860. Duncan Napier discovered the wonders of herbs by chance and inspired by their superb efficacy in treating the body and mind. He began studying herbs and gained fame for improving people's skin and overall health.

Professional herbalist at Napiers have upheld the founder's philosophy that "the best raw materials created the most honest efficacy." They still operate Scotland's oldest herbal clinic/shop and maintain the traditional herbal extracting process and manufacturing formula. The value upheld by Napiers over 150 years is using natural ingredients to extract exceptionally effective properties to help many people to have a safe, healthy and beautiful lives. Anyone can discover herbs and make them into products. However, the Herb processing method and underlying philosophy of Napiers established over 150 years have distinct value not easily imitated by others.

Based on Napier's traditional herb processing method and philosophy, belif carefully selected only the finest herbs and developed the "True Herb Formula" that safely maximized the efficacy catering to the diverse skin troubles of modern age. The philosophy values the use of only natural herbs and honest formula to care for the body and mind! This value of belif that goes back for 150 years becomes richer with the passing of time and continues through belif.

belif philosophy

Napier's philosophy has been reborn through belif in the 21st century. Based on Napiers traditional herbal processing method that is "real, simple and sincere," belif takes its exceptional efficacy to develop tailored formula to suit today's skin concerns. belif has newly interpreted the Napier's philosophy in the 21st century to deliver the 150-year-old traditional herbal processing method and its value in tact to customers. Leveraging such philosophy, belif's confidence in its products is clearly evidenced in its simple and sincere approach of presenting the most effective ingredients by labeling ingredients truthfully just as they are while avoiding exaggerated and packaged appearance.
Real, Simple, Sincere

By minimizing unnecessary packaging and advertisements, belif confidently suggest only true herbs' ingredients and efficacy to stay faithful to cosmetic's original properties.
-belif is Real.

belif has eliminated harmful synthetic substances as much as possible to safely function on the skin and uses only key natural ingredients that directly provide efficacy to the skin
-belif is simple.

Its outstanding quality is the result of combining tradition, natural ingredients, and science. Such confidence empowers belif to label ingredients just as they are without exaggerating its efficacy. Such honest efficacy is safely passed onto the skin
-belif is Sincere.

belif 5 promises

belif is a true herbal cosmetic brand that delivers superb 'true quality' and 'true value' by upholiding the 150-year-old herb processing method and philosophy of a British herbalist
True Quality, True Value
True Ingredients
belif is sincere and truthful starting from ingredients! Only carefully selected ingredients are used: rare, natural and true herbs used from the past to care for the body and mind.
True Formula
belif is formulated using Napier's traditional herb processing method, history and philosophy prover over 150 years.
True Safety
belif only uses pure herbal formula. No synthetic preservatives, dyes, fragrances, mineral oil and animal origin ingredients.
True Benefit
belif avoids excessive ads and packages to deliver only
honest and true efficacy
True Timelessness
belif gives today's smart customers who understand
true and timeless value a chance to experience the
depth in true skin improvement.

belif logo

brand name was derived from the word, "belive," to embody the brand's pursuit of teh ultimate truth for your skin. Sharing the same pronunciation as "belif", belif represents 'trust' and 'commitment' to deliver the highest quality in 'ingredients', 'formulation', 'safety' and 'benefits' for customres
Belive in the truth! belif belives in the 'value of honesty' and 'power of the truth' belif's slogan symbolizes the brand's determination and hope of fulfilling its commitment to the customers.

belif symbol

From brand name to symbol,
belif consistently show
strong commitment to
deliver trust and belif
to customers.
The 'sealing wax' was used since the 17th century in Europe to seal important documents: to guarantee and assure that the contents have not been altered or falsified. For belif's symbol, a wax seal was used as its motif representing "trust" and "belief" for customers.